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Letter A is Alt 65 in Ascii, what would be the number 77 ?

Hi experts.

Reading again a beginners programming and logic book.

Letter A is represented in the AscII table by the number 65.
I can prove it using notepad and presing Alt with the number 65 using the numeric pad.

Now, what is the representation of the number 77 ?

The book mentions how the number 77 is represented  in binary, but it does not clarify that if you do an Alt 77, you will get the uppercase letter M.

So I wonder how it would be the number 77 ?
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2 Solutions
Those are two numbers, so it would Alt+55, Alt+55.
Ascii for 7 is 55. So, it would be alt+55 twice. Ascii is kinda leftover from old DOS. It's still used, though less and less, especially because it only allows for 255 characters. It's been pretty much replaced by unicode. However, you can see an ASCII table here:
LindaCAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
LindaCAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!!

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