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Problem I am facing is remote End User w/possible corrupt profile in XP Pro that I want to re-name.
The End User is connecting via VPN.
I can log in as Local Admin, but only after End User has logged in first.
Because of this, there is still a tie to the End Users profile( NTUSER.DAT) which will not allow me to re-name the EU's profile.
If this was local, I would be able to reboot & sign on has the Local Admin & rename the profile, but that is not the case.

Any thoughts?

Appreciate any assistance.
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds as though you have roaming profiles configured.  You need to rename the profile that is saved on the server with the share.
Check the user's configuration in AD. Then rename the folder on the server where the roaming profiles are stored.

If the issue you are trying to addess is a laptop that is remote, create a (server startup task that will run at bootup that will rename the profile).

You can use scheduled tasks to run once in 20 minutes that will rename the profile.
then tell the user to logoff and wait the 20 minutes.

Depending on the VPN, you can create another username for the user to use for login. upon login the user will establish the VPN at which point you will be able to rename the profile.
If the user has admin rights on the system, they can create another administrative account with which to login and rename the current profile..
jimtrim56Author Commented:
Turns out there is no way to do this action w/out giving the remote enduser the Local Admin password so they can login as such. Then I could remote in & make my changes ...and so on.

I want thank Arnold for the prompt response. Sounds like his answer would work for a Roaming Profile saved to a server.
Unfortunately, this not the cse in my concern. '

But, thanks again for the response!!
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