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windows server 2008 r2 rdp

i was told there is a was to get two remote connections to a 2008 r2 server without buying the 5 user terminal services license.

this way you could load peachtree or Word on the server and the 2 remote users could work at the same time. there will be no more than 2 or 3 users total.

how do you get the to users to remote in at the same time without purchasing the 5 user terminal services license?
2 Solutions
Those remote connections are there to administrate the server, and the connecting users Admins. I wouldn't give non-admins admin rights on a server.
You can have two admin connections, but if you need user connections then you need to get more licenses.
As others have said, the connections are there for administration - they are not designed for running remote apps and you are going to run into issues with permissions and profiles if you try to use them for anything else
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russgarrettAuthor Commented:
So two people cannot login as Administrator and run applications on the 2008R2 server.

i have to purchase the terminal server license which is a minimum of 5 even though there are only 2 users correct?

i could use a vpn connection  with a cheap Netgear from Staples and both users could login as themselves and then run the applications correct?

A Sonicwall is over kill for this small client in this weak economy for him.
The problem with VPN could be that you might get performance issues, as you need a good bandwidth in most cases (depends on the application and amount of data it "moves". An alternative could be to have two PC's at the location of the server that are always on and reserved for those 2 users, and then they could login to them remotely using a tool like Logmein or Teamviewer, that way the internet bandwidth wouldn't be that much of a problem.
russgarrettAuthor Commented:
but if these two users need administrator rights and own the company is that all right?

are you saying some apps will not run on a 2008r2 without terminal services?
No. A user should never be logged on to anything with admin rights, owner or not. If you have to do admin tasks you should do that separately with a special admin account, and when finished logoff again. If an admin is logged on chances are that he does something he shouldn't have done, and that can cause problems, and apart from that it is a security issue as it opens further ways of attack.
I agree that it's not what it is intended for but for some applications you would be able to deliver them this way like some standard applications like Word. If you just add the useraccounts to the local group "Remote Desktop Users" they should be able to logon without admin privileges, just with user privileges. You also might need to add the group "Remote Desktop Users" to the "Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services". Click on Start  | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy | User Rights Assignment | add Remote Desktop Users to Allow logon through Remote Desktop Services if no already there.

Beware that for Office 2010 you'll also need the volume licensed version, see


If you're on 2007 there should be no problem, but you still need the apropriate licenses of course.

Also there can only be two simultanious users logged on at the same time, so if you'll need to do some administrative actions at least one of them should be logged off.

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