RSA software for mobile devices to access a secure network

We have a client who has a database application that they provide to their clients.  Apps are published using Citrix.  They are looking for an RSA program that runs on mobile devices, and works with mobile IOS.   It needs to be compatible with Citrix Access Gateway/NetScaler.  Free or near free is preferred since they will be providing it to their users at cost.  They do not want to use fobs and hope to have an easy but secure authentication process.  

Sharing first hand experience with the product would be great but not a must.

Thanks in advance!
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Check out this site:

I think that's what you're looking for.

They could get RSA softtokens for their mobile devices.  It will integrate with Web Interface very easily.  This is assuming they have RSA in place already.

There are other options, like SMSPasscode etc.. most of them get substantially cheaper if you buy enough of them.  :-\

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