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How to sort inbox on gmail?

Hello - I need to clean up gmail inbox and perhapse delete few thousands of mail and keep some important one. I can't find a way to sort them easily by sender, date or subject and delete the unwanted mails. I was thinking that I may have to create an Imap in outlook and download all in outlook and clean it there and that way gmail inbox sync and gets clean.
anyone has better idea?
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The thing about Google is they want you to use search for everything unless you have attached labels to mail as you go (a habit I highly recommend).  To sort by sender type from:<NAME OF SENDER> and it will sort all of those emails.  You can also do by subject (subject:<SUBJECT TITLE OR KEYWORD> but that may not work very easily unless they all have a keyword.  

Searching by date is a bit tougher as you really should specify a range:

before:08/07/2012 AND after:09/07/2012  will give you all emails received in that time period.  Remember that Gmail uses Boolean so you can make the search as long as you want with the keywords.

Here is a link to Google search keywords.  If you are going to use Gmail as your primary email think about using labels and filters so you don't encounter this in the future.


Also, the biggest problem with IMAP'ing your mail to a desktop client like Outlook or Thunderbird is that they don't support labels.  They support folders but you can only have the email in one folder (which creates a label in GMail) at a time.  In Gmail you attach multiple labels to a single email which makes finding emails later very easy.  Having come from an Exchange environment to a Gmail environment I find labels far more useful.
Change2009Author Commented:
Thank you for suggestion
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