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I have a SQL Server database that I reverse engineered into a Visio ERD. After spending quite some time working with the layout of the 50+ tables I'd selected, I realized I missed one table. Without pulling in ALL of the tables again, in which case I'd have to redo the layout, is there some way to go back and pull in just one table, along with the related primary and foreign keys? The alternative is to try to manually just draw the table.

I am using Visio Professional 2012 with SQL Server 2008 R2.
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Yep, can use the reverse engineer tool again and select just the one table you want to add...

See :  for verification of the above.

Also a tutorial showing table selection :

While the above is not Visio 2012 I am told it still works pretty much the same way for selecting tables.

Bit curious though... you must have selected individual objects before, or, the table has been added since (and you did a select all). So, the process is pretty much what you did before.

Just to be safe though... Create a new diagram, use the Reverse Engineer tool, select a few tables and modify a bit in Visio, then repeat adding in a couple of other tables.
You can try importing again and limit to the one table you missed.
Have not tried it myself so can say that it works.
dbbishopAuthor Commented:
I had to manually add the FK relationships, even though I selected FK checkbox, but that worked. Thks.
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