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      I have a word document that has several fields that I need to fill in frequently. It would be big help if these fields had drop downs to choose from. One of these fields has addresses. Is this request possible? I am using Word 2007.

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A drop-down list and a combo are two types of Content Control that could be used. They are in the Controls group on the developer tab.

If you have to be compatible with earlier word versions, you could choose a 'Legacy' dropdown Form Field. It is also possible to use an ActiveX control, but they don't look well on the completed document.
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
While in MS Word, you will need to make sure that you have the "Developer"
ribbon available. Once this is available, select this option from the ribbon,
and select the icon for "combo box".

To get the "Developer" ribbon to show, click on the office button (upper
left corner), "Word Options", and on the "Popular" option (which is the
screen it starts on), make sure to check the option for "Show Developer tab
in the Ribbon"

From there you can add combo boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, etc.
daskas27Author Commented:
I have added the Developer ribbon and I inserted a "combo box". How do I populate the combo box with the data I would like to choose from?
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Set the document into 'Design Mode' with the button in the Controls group. Right click on the Content Control combo on the document and choose Properties... Click Add. Set the Display Name as desired. The Value will follow, but it isn't used in this context
daskas27Author Commented:
Got that but I cannot enter an address. It seems to only accept one line.
I can't think of any dropdown that allows multiple lines per item. You would have to show a line that identifies the address and then use some code to fill in the gather the other lines of the address.
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