ISP provided block Static IP addresses cannot setup firewall

ISP provided 5 static IP addresses.
I am trying to setup my DSL modem to bridge mode and assign my IP addresses to local server.

I have a Centurylink DSL modem, Zyxel USG 50 firewall and running SBS server
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ray2wedoitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
changed wan1 port to wan1ppp
This article will show you how to bridge the DSL modem:

Then all you will need to do it configure the IP address on your local server.  Of course you will need to configure your firewall to allow the traffic through.
ray2wedoitAuthor Commented:
Thank you

I need assistance with configuring firewall to allow traffic. My understanding is that I need to create a bridge from my Actiontec Q1000 modem to the firewall.

I need to to configure my firewall to accept the static IP address and point it to my SBS server
my SBS server should be responsible for providing DHCP for my local network and assigning local IP addresses. my SBS server is my DNS server. I am able to access the internet but I cannot access my exchange

I am stumped I believe I am missing a step maybe NAT or Bridging
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ray2wedoitAuthor Commented:
I bridged the DSL modem to my firewall
created two host rules
1 for external IP
2 for internal IP

added NAT rule for external to internal

SHould my SBS server assign local IP addresses?
I have internet access but my SBS server isnt acting as my DHCP server my firewall is
ray2wedoitAuthor Commented:
Checked DHCP settings on the SBS 2008 server noticed settings were set for the firewall was looking for changed IP TO OF sbS SERVER and firewall to match was able to reach local mail but not external mail
appears DNS from ISP changed
ray2wedoitAuthor Commented:
changed wan1 port to wan1ppp

I reaseacrched further andfound the firewall setting needed to be changed
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