Open msaccess2003 db from win7 environment in xp environment

I am running win7 (64 bit) on one computer and have ms access2010. There I have converted a db into access2003 format to open with access2003 on another computer that runs on winxp.

The saving of the db in access2003 format work fine. But cannot open the db in the xp/access2003 computer. I receive an error message that error occurred and db has to be closed.

if I open db with pressed shift the db opens but cannot open some forms. As I understood reason could be related that some libraries in the db are from win7/msa2010 environment.

I managed to open one form by changing in design mode some library settings in the references using trial and error. But there are some other forms which I did not manage to handle and I am not knowleageable enough to sort this out.

Does this problem make sense and is there a simple way to get the converted db working in the winxp/msa2003 environment?

Thanks for the support.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
open the db in A2003, open the vba window then open the references

tools > references

look for references with MISSING prefix
remember what reference it is,
uncheck the reference and locate the available reference, it will be the same name but different version numbers.
select the reference and click ok.

finally do a Debug >compile
make sure to clear any errors raised
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
<There I have converted a db into access2003 format to open with access2003 on another computer that runs on winxp. >

sad to say but, there is no backward compatibility in access 2010 to access 2003.

you can try creating (not converting) a .mdb in access 2010 and if you don't use a feature in a2010 that does not exists in a2003, you might be able to run the db in A2003.

developing a mixed version of access is preferably done in the lowest version of access (access 2003 ) in this case.
vamavAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the hint.
In the db I have, I do not use any msa2003 features.
What I did now is to create a new db with msa2003 on other xp computer and then imported the converted db into it. This worked but it gave some error message about some module. I then deactivated a reference in references in design mode of the main form and then it worked fine.
However I as I was going by trial and error I simply do not remember which one I deactivated.
Have you go an idea or a link which shows what entries in references should be active in msa2003?
vamavAuthor Commented:
Thanks it worked!
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