Mitel voip and sonicwall with limited nodes

I have a sonicwall that is connected to a network with 8 computer. The sonicwall is limited to 10 nodes connections at one time. I have 6 mitel voip phones that acquire their ip with the sonicwall dhcp. The mitel phones connect to a T1 line, so the phone only need the get an ip from the network but they do not use the networks internet to make or receive calls. All phone communication goes through the T1 line and all network data through a dsl line.
When i attempt to use the sonicwall for the network dhcp the phones also receive an ip with that dhcp. Because of the 10 node limit I have either phones that are not working or computers that will not connect to the internet because the total is 14.
I would like to separate the networks so that the phones get their dhcp from another device such as a router or server. When i have the server setup to handle the dhcp i still get the 10 node limit, so the sonicwall recognizes that it has a dhcp and restricts access.
What i am considering doing is setting up a switch that will separate with vlan the two networks (voice and data) and have the computer go to the sonicwall network and the phones go to my server's dhcp. Is that possible and will i need to setup a separate nic to achieve this?
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WorleyBirdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
A technician for Mitel came out and set the phones to a static IP address and no longer require the DHCP to get IP address therefore it does not show up as a node on the sonicwall. So the issue has been resolved.
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

1)----why dont you use static IP for your computers? and let SNA Assign ip address from same subnet to VOIP Phones...

2)----you can diable DHCP from SNA and let any other server act as DHCP serevr.

i would suggest not to make two different subnets, since you have only 14 can have multiple/seprate subnets or VLAN if yours host are more.
WorleyBirdAuthor Commented:
This provided a solution. However a better way to have handled the issue would have been to not limit a business internet connection to just 10 nodes but instead to upgrade to a larger number 25.
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