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When creating a Bootstrapper (prerequisites) for an deployment in Visual Studio.  How do you include subfolders for the prerequisites?

My Prerequisite has a setup.exe and setup.ini, but also a "supportfiles" directory with a bunch more stuff (cab,dlls, xml etc.).  I created a single directory with all of the files and built the installer but now the prerequisite doesn't install properly.

The redistrubutable folder that I am tring to include looks like the attachement.  I'd like to copy over this directory structure and then execuate the setup.exe as a prerequist to the application that follows.

Thanks for your help
Dave Gleason
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Does it work if you just put the subfolder in? It allows you to put subfolders for localized files but worth trying by placing subfolder in.
Dave_GleasonAuthor Commented:
Tried that,

What seems to be the issue is within the PacakgeFile xml if Ispecify a directory and then file to include (for ex: <PackageFile Name="SupportFiles\resource.dll" />), the directory and file aren't created in the project debug folder.  

To me that VS deployment wants all the cabs etc to be at the same level to build the prerequiste but that doesn't work for me because the third party reuses some files (same name different file size and probably rev).
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