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cisco trunking off

I have a port on a 4507 switch which is up and it had trunking on it. I used the command:

"no switchport trunk allowed" and "no switchport mode". basically Im trying to get it to be a normal access port and assign it to a vlan and get it offf trunking mode. I also used "switchport access vlan 100" which is whre I want it to be.

So the result in a "show vlan" looks like I got it to vlan 100, but instead of saying Gi5/1 it says Po5? Whats going on? Thanks.

vlan       name                                status    ports
100 outside firewall                     active    Gi4/40, Gi4/41, Gi4/42, Po5
1 Solution
JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
PO stands for port channel group - etherchanel using either open protocol lacp or cisco protocol pacp

your output states that vlan 100 has po5  port group as a member + all other physical interfaces gi4/40 fi4/41 gi4/42

do that

show interface status | include Po

also check that


and that


tolinromeAuthor Commented:
so these are port channel now also - gi4/40 fi4/41 gi4/42 ?

How do I remove Po5 and just make it a regular access port so it will just say gi5/1 when I see vlan 100?
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Before we go throwing config commands around, post the output of a "show ether summ" and "show run int g5/1"
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g5/1 and Po5 are not the same thing.  You'll want your port to look something like the following:

interface GigabitEthernet5/1
 switchport access vlan 100
 switchport mode access

If your wanting to look at the Po5 that would look something like the following:

interface Port-channel5
 description Binds multiple ports together
 switchport access vlan 100

If you provide the "sho run int g5/1" as donjohnston mentions above one of us can help further.
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
Here are the commands you requested. My goal is to simply have (if possible) g5/1 as a regular interface switchport access vlan 100 so then all 4 ports on vlan 100 will be the same, but the Po5 is something I do not understand and a previous comment above said that they are all port group memebers now???

#show run int g5/1
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 251 bytes
interface GigabitEthernet5/1
 description HBS External VLAN
 switchport access vlan 100
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,10,200
 switchport mode access
 channel-group 5 mode on
 spanning-tree portfast trunk

#show ether summ
% Ambiguous command:  "show ether summ"
Verify where the port-channel is being used and that it's ok to remove it:

show etherchannel 5 summary

If you want to remove the associated channel group 5 and all it's port-groups use the following statement:

no interface port-channel 5

Then no statements in front of the switchport trunk statements should clean up the rest of the interface.

no switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
no switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,10,200
no spanning-tree portfast trunk

You'll probably also want to add the following so it's checking to make sure it's being used as an access port not attached to a switch.

spanning-tree portfast
spanning-tree bpduguard enable

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