Displaying tooltip on page load with ability to close tooltip, and mouseover a DIV to display it otherwise

Hi Everyone,

I am not really great with scripting jQuery, but am hoping someone could help me with this complex effect I am looking to employ.

I am looking for a tooltip to pop up over a DIV on page load. This tooltip would have a close word on it so that a user can close it manually.

Once the tooltip is closed, I would like to see it pop up again if the user mouses over that DIV....

I am really hoping this kind of effect is possible.

Thank you very much for your kind time and generosity with your knowledge!
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i hope this will suite ur needs:

You can try displaying the tooltip on page load by manually triggering the mousehover effect, thus the tooltip may be made visible.

CFbubuAuthor Commented:
Hi dejaanbu,

CFbubuAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your excellent guide.
You're Welcome!
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