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I use FM pro 11. I normally create multiple table occurrences to create relationships. As a general question, is it a good practice to create multiple relationships with the same fields relating two tables, but that are to be used for different purposes?
Table A and Table B are related by customerId. I created two relationships using customerId on both tables. I use one relationship to go from one menu (Table A) to another menu (Table B) to view related records. I use the other relationship in a script to perform calculations.

I guess my main question is if having many relationships in a database causes performances issues in the database?
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Will LovingPresidentCommented:
If your two relationships are identical in terms of key fields, sort order, and other settings, then there is probably no need to have two relationships.

Without seeing a picture of your relationship graph and having a sense of which fields you are relating it's difficult to give s specific answer to you question, however, unless you get into very complex database structures and start doing things like pulling data across multiple relationships, you're unlikely to have any performance issues. In fact, it's quite common to have multiple Table Occurrences between two tables using various key fields in order to achieve various functionality and/or display goals.

An example, I have a "Timeslip" database that I use for tracking billable hours. From the Customers Table I have several relationships to the Timeslips Table. One is Customer ID to Customer ID, another is Customer ID to a calculated Customer ID field in Timeslips that only has the Customer ID if the Timeslip is not yet billed (thereby allowing me to see how many unbilled hours I have for that client).
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