Xch05j0.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

“Xch05j0.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”

This message is received at logon by a user when logging on to the domain on an XP-pro client.  Logging on as administrator does not give the error.  Have tried 1 other user logon and get same error message.

Error not seen on any other clients.  Error appeared for no apparent reason a few weeks ago.

Searching for Xch05j0.exe has not given any results?
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Sudeep SharmaConnect With a Mentor Technical DesignerCommented:
Get a copy of Autoruns from Microsoft and search for the "exe"



Remove it once found, or else if you face any difficulty working with the autoruns then you could just save the autorun entries of you system and post it here. To save the autorun entries do the following:
Click --> File --> Save.
File Name "filename.arn" (filename could be any name)
Save as type AutoRuns Data (*.arn) --> This is important while saving.

You might want to zip the arn file before posting it here for further analysis.

Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
It is most probably some malware.

Open msconfig.exe on the XP machine, check for the startup tab. Xch05j0.exe should be listed there with the path.

Post the screenshot back. If it is running from a temp location then it is most probably a virus/trojan.

It may still be running with a different name.
Don ThomsonCommented:
If runnning off a 2003 server as DC - check the user's profile and see if there is a login batch file assigned - If so check to se what is in it
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ianmal2Author Commented:
Only a problem on 1 PC.  Same user can log into different PC and all is well.
Don ThomsonCommented:
did you do a search for the Xch05j0.exe file on that PC - If so What folder is it in?
ianmal2Author Commented:
Sorry, I've made a mistake, the file is xchd05j0.exe.

There is a Program Files directory called xchd05j0.  Inside among other files there is an exe and dll with this name.  There is nothing in the directory to give me a clue what it is.  Also I can't relate it to any installed programs in the control panel currently installed programs.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Rename the folder. If the file is in use then there may be an error.

Compress the folder to a .zip (To keep a copy) and delete it.  If no one complains then it is not needed and should be considered a malware/virus/trojan.

Reimage the computers to install windows cleanly.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
I would like the OP to at least tell us if the answer worked. 5 people are waiting for an update.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
I would propose http:#a38391792 as an answer because it seems to have worked.
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