galaxy note - is it equivalent to iphone?

1)is galaxy note the competitor to iphone from samsung?

2)it will still be a smartphone, and not comparable to ipad, would it?
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nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Apple iPhone 4S versus Galaxy Note 2
Full In Depth Review.

1. Display, design, and form factor.

2. Internal Hardware

3. OS and software tweeks

4. Conclusion
aadi369Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Iphone is one beat this technology till now...However there are lots of feature added to galaxy note.....but it cannot be a competitor against Iphone..

Iphone rockzz......

Galaxy is a smartphone used as a  mobile device cannot be compared with Ipad.....

Thanks. :)
Jeff PerkinsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
1)is galaxy note the competitor to iphone from samsung?
yes some would compare the note 'phone' to iphone, therefore it is considered a competitor. It comes down the old Chevy vs ford arguement. Some like Chevy, some drive ford. Personally I'd take the android (galaxy note) over a Crapple product any day... but then I like having complete control over my devices and the o/s that I run on them.

2)it will still be a smartphone, and not comparable to ipad, would it?

There is a Galaxy Note smart phone, and then there is the Galaxy Note 10.1 which would be the direct competitor to the Crapple IPad.
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expert_tanmayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The basic difference is the operating system. Just similar to a mac book to any IBM compatible notebook. iPhone uses IOS from Apple and Samsung uses Android from Google. It all depends on the applications that are available on each platform. Like layman users would prefer to use MS Windows from Microsoft on a PC just because lots of applications are available for Microsoft Windows.
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
August 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 800 Advantages
Big 10.1 inches display size
16GB internal Memory
MicroSD Card slot that supports 32GB more external memory.
Android 4.0.1 Icecream Sandwich

Samsung Galaxy Note 800 Disadvantages
 Weight : that is 580 Gram (a bit higher)
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