SharePoint 2007 Document Library : Autofield certain fields based on filename and folder container


I have a user with that wish to automate the filling of certain fields in a document library. The document library has Year, Month, Company, Report Name columns and also contains folder with name of company.

User will upload multiple files into the document library with filename format YYYYMM_RptName into specific Company Name folders. She also wants the columns Year, Month, Company, Report Name to be filled based on the filename. So

YYYY goes into Year
MM goes into Month
RptName goes into Report Name
FolderName goes into Company

How can this be easiest done hopefully without any scripting.
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Chances are you will need to use third party tools like RecordPoints.

Not sure if this will help you, but you can try to create the following columns:

Year Created
Column type - Calculated
Data type - Single line of text type  
Formula -

Month Created
Column type - Calculated
Data type - Single line of text type  
Formula -
= TEXT(MONTH(Created),"mmm")

Might be useful for you as it will autogenerated the years and month for you each time a document is uploaded.

NicksonKohAuthor Commented:
Calculated Fields looks like the way to go!
But I want to base the formula on the Name field which is by default populated by the filename.
NicksonKohAuthor Commented:
Hi ezskol,

Calculated fields only solved half the problem it can only obtain values from other fields but not from folder.

I also played around calculated columns or normal columns with default values on the folders. It turn out that this can auto populate the fields of new records quite well as records created on the folder will use the defaulted values of the containing folder! So that solved the other 50% of the my problem without any 3rd party tools.
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