making an app secure when compiling - giving to a competitor

Is it possible to make an 4.0 app very secure when compiling?
I need to give to some one to put on their server but they are a potential competitor

When compiling, can i make it so compiled that he doesn't have access to anything??
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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you can do is to obfuscate your code.
But this is just a small help, there is no foolproof solution

Obfuscation And Code Protection In ASP.NET

Ohter resources
You can obfuscate your code. This one worked for me in the past:

But beware that it's no a silver bullet. What about signing a legal agreement with them?

Best regards.
MlandaTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, obfuscation is the way to go. VS2010 comes with the community edition of Dotfuscator already. You can also look at reg-gate's {smartassembly}.

Here's a link to several more (both free and paid):

Skater .NET Obfuscator (recommend) (
Dotfuscator  (
Crypto Obfuscator ( Fee edition (
Eazfuscator.Net (
Orange Heap (
websssAuthor Commented:
Hi All

I've tried to use the Built in one in vs2010 but i'm not sure what i'm doing

When i look at tutorials, they use an EXE.
However, this is a web app, so do I have to do a publish first,
then select each DLL in the bin folder and dotfusactor each one?
websssAuthor Commented:
Smart assembly worked in the end
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