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Which is the best ultraportable laptop deal that I can get?

I want to buy an ultraportable laptop that will work perfectly with different Linux-distributions as well as with Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to use it as a backup-laptop if my first laptop gets problem, doing translation jobs on it in Windows with translation software (CAT-tools).

One of the most important things is that the keyboard is very comfortable (which I'm not content with when I use my current first laptop: Dell R15 Inspiron). So I was wondering which of, for example, these five ultraportables would be the best choice?:


When it comes to keyboard I know Lenovo is very nice, so I'm considering that as a primary choice.

Also, would it be possible to have the different Linux-distributions installed by the seller when I buy this ultraportable? So the ultraportable is ready to go with immediately when I buy it (no need to install Linux myself)?

So some key features I look in this ultraportable are:

1. Low weight but still performance close to an ordinary laptop (not like my current ASUS Eee PC1000He which is too slow and sluggish).
2. Can run different Linux without any problems at all (I know that some laptops don't run Linux so good or even at all).
3. Comfortable keyboard and touchpad enough lowered so the palm of the hand doesn't move the cursor accidentially all the time (like on my current Dell R15 Inspiron).
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Lenovo is IBM product......Its is good technology wise.......Its my personal experience...I am having lenovo lappy......Its good and well performing till now......

Go for Lenovo

SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Lenovo all the way - i recommend their edge range - fast, looks good, reliable and cheap 3 year next business day on site warranty

Oh and they are running cashback promotions as well !!!!!!!
The best is MacBook Air. In terms of performance as well as battery life. Sleek and design aspects as well.

As said above, Lenovo is good and Asus too. These two are far better than hardware makers like HP and DELL. Acer is worst. (I personally own two LENOVOs)

All listing have LENOVO in common (Asus going second). So definitely LENOVO :)


Getting Linux installed in factory is tough. And brands that are providing that, aren't good for risk.

Download Ubuntu ISO image and you can install it yourself. Its simple with 'fire and forget' type installation.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
vinaypatki, thanks for the Linux-link for download, will try installing on my current laptop as well. On their site it says 32-bit is recommended, but of course I should download the 64-bit, shouldn't I? (I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my Dell R15 Inspiron that is a 64-bit machine.)
Yeah you can try 64bit if your laptop supports that. Only thing make sure it is comparatively higher configuration that usual 32bit machines. BTW 32bit copy is well tested and you wouldn't feel the difference until you are advanced user. That's why Canonical (Makers of UBUNTU) have marked it with recommended.

If your laptop supports Win7 Ultimate, then UBUNTU 64 will work for you.

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