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Xerox printing - letters missing

Windows XP machine printing to a network Xerox Workcentre 432.
The printer is shared by a W2k8 server and several other folk use it hassle free.

User complained that printing is missing out letter combinations. In particular ti together.

Basically the printer will print
sec  on for section
erec on for erection
fric  ion for friction

You get the drift.

Anyway, got him to remove and re-add the pritner connection. No difference.
Then as admin I whipped out all the drivers and reinstalled. Worked fine after that.
That is, it worked for 2 weeks.

And the fault is back today.

I'm getting some testing done to see if it's a particular application that has the issue
Or whether theres a particular font causing it, but I'd be grateful for other folks thoughts.

I'm told they had a Xerx engineer in looking at it yesterday - just before the fault arose again.
1 Solution
There is not such type of setting added to printer or its application...Seems like fault to be from the client end system....look in thier application setting....also test it from ur end by using ur system.

its everything seems fine, try restarting printer pooler service on the server.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Client has restarted machine and if it were server spooler then others wouldbe affected I'd have thought. It works dor several other people without issue and nothing has been changed on the client - he is a non admin/non power users in XP.

What do you suggest I check in the application?
I can't think of any settings that would be specific to 2 letters.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Now getting reports of another user with the issue.
Plus a differnet Xerox machine had issues with multiple copies of multiple tabs in excel.
I see a pattern here.
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Nagendra Pratap SinghCommented:
You should tweak your spooling to print only after all pages are spooled.

I am basing this on

What is the application that has the problem? Which driver are you using, PCL or PostScript? Is it a particular font that is causing the problem? Make sure the driver is set to download fonts (as outlines) rather than use printer fonts.

issues with multiple copies of multiple tabs in excel
What does that mean?
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Several application are having the issue
Adobe reader, Outlook, Excel, Word
Font seems to make no difference, and printing the document to a PDF type printer works fine. We use PDF Creator and docs come out oK.

Printing from excel and slecting multiple tabs to print and asking for multiple copies made the computer hang. I then set the printer up using a different driver from a totally different model of Xerox and the problem went.

It seems that it's only Xerox Workcenrtes that are affected
The canons, HO & Konicas are all problem free.

Still investigaintg but setting the the doc to print after all pages are spooled made no difference
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
I'll close this
Removing the driver and reinstalling sorted the issue.
However, this is the second time this has happened right after a Xerox engineer visited.
Not sure why, but the issue went away .

For now....
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.

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