Remote desktop connection problem

Hi All,

I would like to ask all of you that is there any way to expand the Windows built-in Remote desktop connection log to more the 10 ip addresses?
The point is that if the dropdown log would be extended to 40-50 ip addresses that the program remembers, my work would be easier. I am working with at least 40 Terminal servers and each time I have to write down all of the IP addresses and that is a real big problem for me.

I am performing the connection from a Windows 7 or a Windows XP operating system and all of my Terminal servers installed with Windows 2003 server OS.

Thanks for helping.
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Google remote desktop connection manager.  It is a Microsoft utility which allows you to manage an unlimited number of individual remote desktop connections.  It even allows you to run multiple sessions at the same time.
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agriboy1980Author Commented:

Thanks for the quick rely.

Would you be so kind and provide me an internet link for that, because the are so many hit for that and I don't now which one to choose.

Thanks in advance.
agriboy1980Author Commented:
Thanks, I will try this one out and will tell you about it.
Could you accept my answer so I can get the points.
agriboy1980Author Commented:
I think it is working.

What do you think is there any file in this "Remote desktop connection manager" that is logging which IP connection is used and which one is not?
I mean I must know is there any log file that is watching how often do I use this IP or the other one?

-CPG-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a configuration file with the extension .rdg - that file stores your configuration information for each of the hosts you are accessing.
agriboy1980Author Commented:
I see.
Wonderful solution.
Thanks guys.
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