IE9 crashes when running a certificate

I have a certificate on a smartcard i've been given by an external company.
This is supposed to allow me connecting to this website securely.
It all works well if i use Chrome, i can go to the website, click on the link, my certificate is checked > i'm allowed through.
If i use IE9, at the last step it just crashes.
Is there any configuration i need to change in order to have IE work here?
(I need IE later on, there are some features which will not work on IE)


OS: Windows7, IE9
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txarli33Author Commented:
eventually i installed Chrome's IE extension and have the website run on it, certificate installs and all working.
Great IE9

Thanks for your help
hi op

try two things for me add the site you want to visit on the trusted sites bit and also allow pop ups from that site as well, restart your ie9 and tell us if it works or not
txarli33Author Commented:
Apologies for delay.
to add the site to the trusted sites tool long.
I have done both and still no joy, IE9 seems to crash.
To detail it:
- Plugin the Smart card certificate
- Go to the site, click on the button to access this department.
- Certificate is pulled out of the smart card and shown on a pop up window, asking to OK it, the certificate is the one expected, up to here all's good.
- After clicking OK, IE crashes, next step should be asking for the PIN but it doesn't get there.
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could you install firefox or chrome and see if it does the same thing please?
txarli33Author Commented:
it works with chrome.
but after accepting the certificate there is a message from the website indicating that IE needs to b used in order to get all the full features, frustrating.
txarli33Author Commented:
Not what i was looking for, but it works
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