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I'm looking for a portable TFT screen which technicians could use connecting to servers in different locations. Instead of using the local screen (which often has issues or doesn't work correctly), they could bring their own screen and plug it into the server. Since it would be carried from site to site, it should be though (like a "laptop though-book").

Please advise.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can buy a 7" LCD screen, but it won't support typical XGA resolutions that larger screens show.  This will be a problem if you just want to just plug it into a running server.  As an aside, VGA connectors are not hot pluggable and there is some small risk of a voltage surge when you do this.

Maxivista lets you use a laptop as an external monitor, but you have to install software to do this.  Remote desktop is probably a better solution, and the 14" screen rindi suggested is a good one.
In my point of view there shouldn't be any need for another display than what is already available on site. Almost all administration tasks on servers can be done remotely via SSH or RDP, and so you could use a laptop for those situations. You only really need a local screen if you need to do anything that isn't done in the OS, like BIOS settings, or while actually installing the OS, and for that use I haven't seen a situation where a local screen wouldn't work correctly. The only issue you would have is that you probably wouldn't be able to use the display's native resolution, but that would be the case with all displays.

Apart from that many of today's servers have built-in remote management modules, like DRAC on Dells, or Lights-out on HPs, and if there are such modules in the server you don't even need a local display at all on the server.

Of course you could get a 14" or 15" display panel. On most models you can remove the stand and that would make them more portable. The only thing your people would have to get used to then is that the display would be flat on the table to look down on, similar to a tablet...
I doubt that would do, "no VGA cable power brick necessary" means you would have to install special drivers for it on every server you visited to get video through USB.

Assuming you have a laptop you could use this to turn it into a crash cart -
Mine was a lot easier, you'd only have to install drivers on your laptop rather than one every server. Hope they aren't customer's sites.
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