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Remote access software to access computer from booting


i would like to have a software which allows me to see the computer screen from booting
i.e. from when computer start or powered on.

is there any software which i can install and on linux based machine or Untangle or any xp based machine.

awaiting your prompt reply.

thank you and regards,
Om Joshi
Om Joshi
2 Solutions
As far as I know this can only be done on computers that have out-of-band management  or lights-out interfaces, and these are generally found on servers rather than on desktop or laptop computers.
Such an interface may be available as an add-in card, but I don't know of any, probably because I've never had to look...
For that you'd need special hardware. HP Servers sometimes include a Lights-Out module, and Dell Servers an iDRAC which can give such options. You'd then connect via the LAN and login to that module using a web-browser. Also, at least those modules in the Dell server are often light versions of the real thing, and the light version doesn't yet include that functionality. To get the full functionality you have to buy the upgrade.

But if such modules were available for desktop PC's I'd expect them to be expensive, as they are really a small PC.
Actually you can do this but it requires a special type of motherboard/processor.  Check into VPro technology with realvnc viewer.  You can power on, bios, boot view, etc.


Not a solution for already deployed machines but you can phase this technology in with the next round of machines.  I have used it and am putting it into production on all new machines.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
You would have to check with the makers of these devices to see if they work with your brand and model. I have never used them myself but have read about them wanting to do the same thing you mention http://www.minicom.com/pdf/ipcontrol.pdf
but as others have mentioned it is expensive--this one cost $650
There are other makers but most are high-end expensive stuff
Also you can install cards in to the systems which will allow you boot time access; most are made for servers but they should work on PCs as well--check with the maker
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Model SV841HDIE $821
Om JoshiSr. System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, i will lookinto this.

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