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converting JPEG photo into higher resolution


I have a JPEG photo which is lesser resolution of 19 kb. Is it possible to make the picture to a higher resolutiion.

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No, as it will cause pixilated images which are not good to look at.
Not in any appreciable way. If you use something like photoshop to stretch the image you'll get interpolation but this generally just produces a blurry image. Unfortunately CSI's "enhance" doesn't work in real life.
If you use photo editing software and are proficient with it you can fade out the pixilation to be of a acceptable level depending on the detail of the original image and the detail needed.
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You may be able to sharpen the image slightly with photo editing software, or even recreate parts of it, but (unfortunately) there it isn't a way to simply increase the resolution.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
This is free software I use for just this purpose: SmillaEnlarger information and SmillaEnlarger download.

Denoising and image sharpening are built in and adjustable.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Why not drop your image here  lianne143 and I'm sure we will all try it for you :P

Here's an example of a 16kb image I had, what I did was to drop it into my image editor and zoom in on it, use either the windows 7 snipping tool put a line around the area and save or use the prtScn key on your keyboard takes a snapshot of your desktop including this, then save as new image this one is larger and slightly grainy since the exposure has increased.
I simply cut the excess stuff around it away as it included my desktop.
As everyone explained that is to be expected. I have not retouched it or smoothed it
 the image is now increased  from 16 kb to 47.
Another thing is the amount of white background around the image also changes the dimensions.

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