I see multiple mac-addresses on the same cisco 3550 switch port.

I see muliple mac-addresses on certain ports on my Cisco 3550 switch.  The weird thing is I don't see an IP address associated with one of those mac-addresses in the arp table.  I am 100% certain that there are not any hubs on the network.  Any ideas on how to track this down?
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jhheiderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any chance it's a workstation running VMWare/Parallels/virtualbox/HyperV/etc? Those let you bridge virtual network adaptors using different MAC addresses to the same port. Otherwise, I'd say you need to follow the cable and see what it's plugged into.
Perfect answer from jhheider
denver218Author Commented:
We do have VMWare and the ports that show multiple mac-addresses are used for VMWare.  So this should be nothing to be concerned about right?
That's the most likely culprit. You should be able to check the MAC addresses against the various virtual adapters to ensure that they're accurate, if you're concerned.
denver218Author Commented:
Thanks.  It was a server running VMWare.
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