Javascript form submit with checkbox click

Hello Experts,

This *should* be an easy one, ut I still need help!

I have a form and have checkboxes which submit the form when clicked - like this:

<input name="for_sale<%=PropRS("ID")%>" type="checkbox" value="1" <%if for_sale=1 then%> checked<%end if%> onclick="this.form.submit();">

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Can anyone let me know how I can pick up when the form has submitted?

If request.Form("submit") <> "" doesn't work, and there will be numerous checkboxes, each with it's own ID, soI can't use them - plus I don't want a button!

Help appreciated - thanks!
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's because you are not clicking a submit button so there is no value to check.
Amend your form with a hidden field that you can check against
Nico2011Author Commented:
thanks Gary - much appreciated!
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