Printing Rights?

I'm a tech at a school, have full access to Dmoain Controller to create users.

I'm having an issue with a laptop, I need to install a network printer when I go to "Find Printer In a Directory" a list of network printers come up when I double click on the one I want I get:

"Windows cannot connect to the printer. Either the printer name was typed icorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server."

I know it hasn't lost its connection but for some reason this user account won't allow access to install printers.

Whats strange is that on these laptops (that were ment for students) even when I log on as Administrator I still can't add printers, are there certain rights for specific computers?

I am an Administrator and want to give this specific laptop rights to install printers, is this something I do on the domain controller? What needs to be done?

Running Windows XP
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That error isn't indicationg a rights problem, it's indicating a communications problem.

Make sure the DNS settings are correct and try to manually ping the printer from the laptop using the ip / dns name as specified in the printer definition on the server.

If you look at the "ports" dialog for the printer in question on the server and hit configure port, you'll see the "Printer Name or IP address" - however this is listed must be reachible from the notebook in question.
Gajendra RathodSr. System AdministratorCommented:
First please clear the ARP cache

Go to Start|Run | netsh interface ip delete arpcache | press "Enter"

Please try using UNC path of printer,

Add Printer | Network Printer | Connect to this printer
type the UNC path to the printer \\Computername\SharePrintername
DMH1083Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Figured it out, people that commented provided no answers.
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