What is Auger Material Height Sensor Change Event in Asphalt Paver?

In a typical Asphalt Paver Machine, what is Auger Material Height Sensor Change Event?  My understanding is that Auger is used to move material from one end to the other.  
What is Auger Material Height Sensor Change Event?  How does this event occur?

Thank you!
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Generally speaking, a paver consists of three primary components related to the distribution of asphalt:

1. The conveyor: sends material dumped into the hopper to the augers (plural).
2. The augers: two augers distribute asphalt from the conveyor out towards the end of the screed.
3. The screed: levels the asphalt material deposited by the augers.

The auger speed is adjusted based on a number of factors related to the asphalt flow rate.

There are typically two sets of sensors related to the material height relative to the augers: inboard and outboard.  The inboard sensors monitor the amount of material being delivered from the conveyor(s) to the lead end of the augers.  As this level rises/falls, the sensors direct the conveyor to increase or decrease speed.  The outboard sensors monitor the material deposited at the end of the auguers, and direct the RPM of the augers to increase or decrease as needed (this is likely the sensor package you're inquiring about).

Note: This description covers basic paver/paving concepts.  Details may vary by paver model.

For a more technical discussion of these concepts, see the following patent discussion:

Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
The Gate Height Sensor compensates for changes from the original
calibrated gate setting by adjusting the conveyor speed allowing for a more
accurate granular material application. If the gate height is increased, the
conveyor speed will decrease and decreasing gate height will increase
conveyor speed.  

Hope this helps.
naseeamAuthor Commented:
Is the gate height same as auger material height?  Why does this height change during paving operations?
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