Do search engine crawlers see dynamic meta tags?

I have several website pages that are created dynamically with json.  I would like each of these pages to show up in search engine results.  The meta tags are created dynamically too.  Will search engines see the meta data and properly index the pages?  My concern is that the search engines won't recognize the meta data if it is dynamically written to the page.

If not, would doing something with Ajax work?  like result.getElementsByTagName("title")[0] and loop over result.getElementsByTagName("meta");

Here is one of the pages!id=PE_11&sk=0
Shaye LarsenAsked:
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, search engines do not execute javascript
Shaye LarsenAuthor Commented:
What about the ajax approach?  Is there anyway to do this dynamically so search engines will see it?
It's still javascript
Shaye LarsenAuthor Commented:
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