Outlook 2011 - Odd Characters appear *after* sending email

In Outlook 2011, is there any way to tell what key combinations are in effect?

I have a user who reports that in Outlook 2011 strange characters appear *after* she sends an email; this example comes from the Subject line of one of her emiails:
Lists, listsŠwhich are helping us?

The user indicates the the 'Š' appeared after she sent the email.

My first thought is that she inadvertently hit some key combination, so I'd like to try un-doing that set before undertaking more drastic trouble shooting.
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PotreroHillConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Further research turned up that an encoding issue in Exchange 2010 can turn the elipses character (...) into the Š when used in the Subject line of an email.

So, don't use ... in the subject line of your emails.

I found that using the ... did not result in a conversion to Š in the body of the text.
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