How to configure an interface HWIC-1FE on a Cisco 2811?

Hi, I have a cisco 2811 router, I needed another interface and I purchased a HWIC-1FE card and installed it. Can someone help me configure this interface, when I run an IP interface br command I see the following output;

Interface                  IP-Address      OK?  Method    Status               Protocol
FastEthernet0/0       12.109.x.2      YES   NVRAM      up                    down
FastEthernet0/1       12.104.x.130  YES   manual      up                    down
NVI0                         unassigned     YES   unset         up                    up

Thanks for the help.

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pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of IOS are you using?  You need 12.4(20)T or higher
There shouldn't really be any configuration to see the ethernet ports.  Can you see them in config with a 'sh run'?  If you do a 'sh ver' you should also see them listed on the bottom.  To check if the card is being recognized do a 'sh inv'.
aej1973Author Commented:
I think there is an issue with the IOS, will upgrade this and see what happens. Thank you.

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