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SharePoint Groups Losing their Permissions

Here is an interesting situation. I have employees that belong to a SharePoint Owners Group. That group has "Full Control" over a site and all its components - doc library, pages library, lists, etc.

We are running SP2010 Enterprise. This is all SharePoint groups, no AD groups are involved at all. However, the employees are coming in through AD and the User Profile Service.

The members of the "Owners Group" can perform all of the standard site owner functions but they can not edit pages in a Pages library.

The Pages library inherits permissions from the parent site. The owners group is displayed in the Pages library permissions settings as having Full Control (inherited from parent).

Check in/out and version control are turned on. The page in question is NOT checked out.

This phenominon is happening to more than one Owners Group across our intranet.

Thoughts? I am really stumped.....

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you stated:

employees are coming in through AD and the User Profile Service

There is a default group called Authenticated user which would include all your AD users.  I am assuming that all your owner users are logging into their SharePoint account, which should give them the proper permissions.  

The first thing to check is to make sure the user is not in another group that has more restricted access to edit pages in the document library. It could also be an inherited group from a parent directory.  Better yet, you can break the inheritance and ensure that the document library has only the permission groups you assign (no inheritance). Then verify that the user is in the specific group you want.

Failing that, I have seen situations where Full control is not the full control that is traditionally thought of.  I would recommend specifically assigning them contributor to ensure that the user actually has the ability to edit.
dviragAuthor Commented:
I believe I solved the problem myself. I checked the permissions on the MasterPage library. All users who were experiencing problems were NOT represented in the permissions list. I added one and she was then able to edit her page.
dviragAuthor Commented:
It solved the problem.

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