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I am new to MVC4 and uncertain how to implement this query into my MVC "world" any tips?  Basically trying to do multi table lookups and display data... simple stuff

SELECT     lcEntries.entry_id, lcEvents.entered_at AS EventEnteredAt, lcEventLookUps.eventType AS Description, lcEvents.scanner_at AS Location,
                      lcEvents.punit AS [PERSON-UNIT], lcEvents.tote_id AS eventstote_id, lcEntries.container_id, lcEvents.orl AS [Rack Location],
                      lcEvents.notes AS Notes
FROM         lcEventLookUps RIGHT OUTER JOIN
                      lcEvents ON lcEventLookUps.eventID = lcEvents.event_type LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      lcEntries ON lcEvents.entry_id = lcEntries.UUID
WHERE     (lcEntries.entry_type = N'specimen') AND (lcEntries.entry_id = N'3')
ORDER BY EventEnteredAt
Dan FloodDeveloperAsked:
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If I understood your simple stuff correctly then -
1. Add a controller to your MVC project, lets say MyController.
2. Create a POCO (ie a class) Entity to hold the result of above query. Add properties to this class.
3. In the Index() method of MyController initialize the List<POCOEntity> and populate the result there.
4. Pass this list to View.
5. Right click on Index() method and add a strongly typed (of PCOCO) view to the solution and select scaffolding template as List.
6. Run the project and see the output.
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