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looking for a plug in to script blog entries

I have a website that we are asking for visitors to fill out a specific form that will blog about their experiences.  I want the output to be very rigid, i.e. specific questions; users response; and I want the posts to be monitored.


Form Example:
Name: (user input)
Favorite Color: (user input - Choice)
Hobbies: (user input - free form)
Whats your perfect day like: (user input - free form)
Total Cost of services charged: (user input - number 2 decimal places)
Total Cost of services Waived: (user input - number 2 decimal places)
Total Savings: (calculated field - cost charged - cost waived = total cost)
Would you recommend us: (yes/no)
why/ why not: (user input - free form)

The following user (name from form) who's favorite color is (Color from form) and spends most of his time doing (Hobbies from form).  

I think the perfect day would be (perfect day from form)!

My services were billed at: (Total Cost Charged from form)
I was discounted: (Total cost of services waived from form)
My total savings were: (Calculated field x-y above)

Would I recommend this site? (yes/no from form)
here are the reasons for my decision: (why/why not from form)

Date/Time of Post

so when a user makes a post it goes to the moderator, they approve the post and it appears on a separate blog page;

What I would like to know is are their any plug-ins that can do this now; if not how much customization would be required and where can I seek out the customization programming?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

4 Solutions
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
What I would like to know is are their any plug-ins that can do this now

I would have you look at Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro.  Both of those have advanced validation routines and can also create posts from form entries.
Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
I haven't seen a plugin with this capability.  I have built something like this using custom php/js/css/html in order to accomplish exactly what your requirements were.

I used the JUMI component to help with custom PHP code...check out my article here on how to use that...


But unfortunately,  I haven't seen a plugin that does this straight up.
I'm using these plugins/components

Joomla = Fabrik http://www.fabrikar.com/ compatible with Joomla 2.5+
(Fabrik is very powerfull and flexible if you subscribe they offer extra module, tutorial and dedicated support)
Download link: http://fabrikar.com/downloads/details/36/425

Wordpress=  Custom Contact Forms http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-contact-forms/
halejr1Author Commented:
Thanks all.  Because my request was so broad, and I didn't use any one solution I am splitting the points.  

I looked at all suggestions and they were all very good.  I ended up using this, and it is a pretty simple plugin, but has more power than I expected.  The worst thing about this plug-in is the site for it does not give a good representation of actually how capable and versatile it is.  


Thanks for your input!

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