Cannot delete tables in Access 2010

OK, this has to be something dumb.  But I can't see it.

I created a brand-new (blank) Access database.  Then imported a CSV file to create a new table.  Now I want to delete the table.    Delete is greyed-out in the context menu.  Select and then the Delete key does nothing??  I tried creating a trivial new table manually...same thing, can't delete it!
This is not a case of Access 2003 user security getting in the way.  I just created this database from scratch.

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Carlo-GiulianiAuthor Commented:
Found the answer.  The database  has to be opened for exclusive access to be able to delete a table.   The procedure to do that is not have to use the file open dialog (you can't just select a file from Explorer or the recent files list).

There is also a client option to open databases for exclusive use by default....but that does not seem to work in every case.

screen shot
Try deleting Table1 in this database.
If you can then upload your database.
Did you save the table? If you haven't saved it, then delete isn't available as an option.
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Carlo-GiulianiAuthor Commented:
I tried the database example attached by hnasr.  Same problem.  So it seems to be something in my computer or profile configuration.  

Here is a screen image.  Note almost all the toolbar buttons are greyed out.  Including the "Design View" button.  But i can open tables in design view from the context menu...
screen image
Try to run access as Administrator, and open the database and check.

Start Menu, Search Box- Type msaccess.
Right click msaccess and select Run as Administrator.
Is there any security set up in the database?
Carlo-GiulianiAuthor Commented:
Found the answer myself...nobody was even close.
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