Connect Remote users to Exchange server without the prompt for password

We have  a main office with an SBS 2003 server serving exchange to the organization.  Recently we've opened a remote office across the country.

Main office: Domain 1 w/SBS running exchange

Remote Office: Domain 2 - users need to connect back to Exchange on Domain 1.

Currently I have the two offices connected VIA VPN and everyone can access shared data between two offices.  They can also connect to the Exchange Server via Outlook only after inputting their DOMAIN 1 user info each morning.  

Is there any way to make the remote users connection to the DOMAIN 1 exchange server seamless so that they are not continually needing to authenticate?
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Brian HarringtonConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
With SBS, no.  It has a single domain topology
urbanstylesAuthor Commented:
Simple as it gets I suppose.
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