Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 error TF215097 TF215106:

I am by NO MEANS a developer, am a server guy, but after my boss restructured our file share, my developer has been continually getting the error messages below when attempting to build his code in Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010.

I'm guessing it has to do with network security, in the past, this code only ran against things LOCAL to the machine so the network service was able to run it. Now since it's moved servers, maybe it needs to run with credentials that have network domain access? When we looked at the network service, it seems to be a local account to the particular server. I googled around, and the only thing I came up with were articles about TFS security groups... Please note the attached screen shot and the error message below.

TF215097: An error occurred while initializing a build for build definition \IB\IronBridge.Nexus.Development.App: TF215106: Access denied.IRONBRIDGELLC\Administrator needs Update build information permissions for build definition IronBridge.Nexus.Development.App in team project IB to perform the action. For more information, contact the Team Foundation Server administrator.
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Mohamed OsamaConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
you will have to install visual studio & be logged in with a TFS administrator user account , this is a MUST for the administrative tasks to work
in Visual studio window View>Team Explorer>Right click your Team Project>team project settings>Group membership>Add and add the Domain account of the user in question to the Team foundation server group ProjectName \Build Administrators

the tool I linked above can also help you achieve the same easily without the need for Visual studio installation.
Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Do you Own this TFS Server or is it hosted elsewhere?

this is indeed a missing permission issue that The TFS admin can solve in a second

If you are not the admin ask to add  the user IRONBRIDGELLC\Administrator in the Group Builders or Team Project administrators.

or to give that user the needed right manually "Update Build definition" or using The Team foundation Administrator tool
kyates57Author Commented:
We own the TFS Server, but unfortunately we don't have a TFS admin. Where abouts in the Team Foundation Server Administration Console would I be able to do that?
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