Instagram JSON Feed extract photo urls and description

I'm struggling with how to take the Instagram API Json feed for instagram account and simply get the web based URL's for the jpegs so I can display them in a photo gallery on my website.

I have registered as a developer on Instagram... authenticated my user (per their documentation) and now have my CLIENT_ID, ACCESS_TOKEN, and the USER_ID.

But now I have NO idea how to get access to all the photos on my profile and simply parse the URL's in a CFOUTPUT loop so I can display them in a gallery on my site.

I have a Facebook photo album piece of code that does this, but I didn't write the coldfusion part to pull out the URL's of each image from the JSON feed.

I need to know:
the proper URL to access the feed (the API docs are soooo confusing
once I get the results, how do I pull out the URL's and captions using Coldfusion

Please provide more than an array dump... because I have no idea how to parse STRUCTS either.
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Endpoints (proper URL as you called them) :

If you want to get the photo album with CF and once you get a JSON content, you need to deserialize and parse it and get the photos you want :

Check this article to have an idea of th:
day6Author Commented:
not what I wanted, but oh well.
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