Read | delimitted text file and query database

I have a pipe(|) separated text file with many rows of data as in attachment. I need to read the text file and generate a query using first two values and query oracle database and see which records are not there in oracle database table( each row of the text field corresponds to each record in database).  I would like to treate whole text file as array object and individual rows as again small arrays with many values(could be string, numericals etc) separated by | symbol. Any ideas, suggestions, sample code, links, source code highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Jim CakalicSenior Developer/ArchitectCommented:
Here's one way of approaching the file reading problem (attached). There wasn't enough information in your question to address the database select but it should be easy to see where to put that in the context of the code. This should work with Java 1.4+

What code do you have so far?  This seems like something that you could do fairly easily, so I'm wondering if you have a specific question?
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