Need some input on my web app. A safy way to call home.

I have this Web app ones a user downloads it they can install add-on parts of the app.

Is there a safe way to have to app call home and update a db and tell me witch part of the app user use the most.

And also have it display to the user witch part other users are using.

I know i can have it do a connect to a db in the code but i don't want the username and password in the code and stuff.

This is why i am ask a safe why.
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binaryevoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming there is a remote component to this ( thats what im understanding anyways ) just create a webservice, secure it with SSL for transfer across the wire and when you have your app deployed, be sure to create a auth token and handshake ( these can be as simple as encrypted values that you encrypt, send over the wire, decrypt on the other end and verify they match ).  I do completely agree with Ray though safe is a very relative term.  NOTHING is ever 100% safe.
Ray PaseurCommented:
"Safe" is relative.  If your app has a unique signature for each client, it can make a GET-method request to your server and send the signature string along with the name of the downloaded options as each option is used.
armasmikeAuthor Commented:
no there is no unique signature each client downloads the same web app.
armasmikeAuthor Commented:
thank you
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