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ASP.NET and DataSets

I have a Classic ASP application that uses an MS SQL Server database.  I am going to migrate the ASP app to ASP.NET and make some enhancements.  I will be making some changes to the database tables for this enhancement.  

I created a new DataSet and added datatables manually to the DataSet to represent the changes I will be making for the enhancement.  (I can't change the database yet and don't want to wait to begin my development.)

What I need to do now is add a GridView to my form using data from a table in my newly created DataSet.  When I choose Object as my DataSource Type, it doesn't allow me to choose my new DataSet even though it exists in my App_Code folder.

My plan is to populate the new DataSet during the PageLoad Event as a temporary measure until I can make the database changes.

I am using VS 2010.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
1 Solution
Can you post the detailed error message for the DataSet issue you facing?
if you use database store procedure with dump/temporary data to return it will work
for e.g. if u use store procedure like usp_user
create proc usp_user
--- select userid, username, activedeactive from usertable
   select 23 , 'sampleuser23' , 1 union all
   select 53 , 'sampleuser53' , 1 union all
   select 26 , 'sampleuser26' , 1 union all
   select 73 , 'sampleuser73' , 0
DataSet1 ds = new DataSet1();

gv.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];

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dyaroshAuthor Commented:
I knew how to do it programmatically.  What I really want to be able to do is to do it in the IDE so I can format the gridview and set it up for editing.  

So maybe a better question is how can I create a DataSet that is not tied to a database.  If I have to I could create an XML file or Text file to simulate the database but I was hoping I could just define the tables in the DataSet and then programmatically populate the tables in the DataSet.  If the DataSet and tables existed in the IDE I would then use it to bind to different controls on my form and then once the database on my system can be changed I would modify my DataSet to be configured to my database.

Am I making more sense?
I don't think you can bind a typed dataset to gridview in design time. You have to do it from server-side.

Alternatively I think you could just creat an XML file and bind the Gridview using a XMLDataSource. That way you can do it designtime.
dyaroshAuthor Commented:
So if I create an XML file and bind the Gridview using an XMLDataSource I should be able to format the Grid the way I want it to look and behave.  When I am finally able to make the changes to my SQL Database, do I just change my datasource on my DataSet if the tables are laid out the same?  Will I have to change anything with the Gridview processing?

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