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Cisco Unity Express Auto Attendant and ephone-dn Call Forwarding

Hey guys -

well - I have a new CME/CUE deployment that been going great except for one little thing...maybe you can offer some more insight?

I have an ephone-dn set up which I overlay on the support desk people's ephone-dns. Works great as a hunt group the way I want it to work, but now I'm finding that when outside callers (using the CUE auto attendant) press 2 for support and then the ephone-dn hits the 12 second timeout, it doesn't forward to voicemail !

I have ephone-dn 11 set to call-forward noan 9xxxxxxx timeout 12

The phone number is our Google voicemail transcription service. Works great.

I called internally from my desk to that ephone-dn and let it time out - and I was successfully forwarded to Google voicemail. I also tried bypassing the AA and setting one of my other DIDs to forward to the Google voicemail - and that worked successfully as well.

So there's something very odd that happens when dialing through the AA....I can dial by extension, reach the correct group, it times out, but it won't forward....

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone!!
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1 Solution
What happens when it doesnt forward? Do you get a fast busy or an error message?
Sounds like this may be CSS related, as if CUE doesnt have privs to call  the Google number.
Phil1979Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding. Multiple project juggling...

No fast busy signal. The call just drops.

I assumed that CUE steps out of the picture after the outside caller presses '2' for support and is connected to a CME directory number. If CUE is out of the picture, it doesn't need any permissions - right?

Could it be that the originating number for some reason is '2' instead of a legitimate E.164 number and therefore will not be able to be processed outbound?

When I set this up with a DID and without any Autoattendent it works 100% - the only variable is the CUE.

How can I give CUE a number that will be processed outbound? It seems like it's currently '2' since that's the number folks press to get to out support desk.

Right now we're ok because I have CUE generating emails, but CUE doesn't have any built in transcription services which is why I'd really like to get forwarding to google transcription services back.

What do you think? Does that help a little?
Phil1979Author Commented:
Answer is that the PSTN was getting the 2 as the calling number. I used a translation rule for the 2 and assigned it one of my DIDs. Forwarded back out just fine.
Phil1979Author Commented:
Figured it out myself with lots of debugging.

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