IBM HTTP Server (Appache) threads piling up and never timed out

I have a web server that have a strange issue.
The application server ran out of maxconnections and WAS was bounce. Looks like the IHS server-status, two of the child processes are not timed out. i need help to understand how it works. If you look at the attached jpg file, the these two timestamps shows that the thread never timedout? please help me understand what exactly does this mean. Thanks!
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HonorGodConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
IHS Performance Tuning has a number of good techniques for understanding what is happening with your IHS system.

The WebSphere documentation includes the following:

The ServerIOTimeout attribute of a server element enables the plug-in to set
a time out value, in seconds, for sending requests to and reading responses
from the application server. If a value is not set for the ServerIOTimeout
attribute, the plug-in, by default, uses blocked I/O to write request to and
read response from the application server until the TCP connection times
out. For example, if you specify:
<Server Name="server1" ServerIOTimeout=300>In this case, if an application
server stops responding to requests, the plug-in waits 300 seconds (50
minutes) before timing out the TCP connection. Setting the ServerIOTimeout
attribute to a reasonable value enables the plug-in to time out the
connection sooner, and transfer requests to another application server when

When selecting a value for this attribute, remember that sometimes it might
take a couple of minutes for an application server to process a request.
Setting the value of the ServerIOTimeout attribute too low could cause the
plug-in to send a false server error response to the client.
HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
Thanks for the points.

Good luck & have a great day.
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