turkish characters are displayed wrong on emails sent via Blackberry

We have 2 BES on high available built with a seperate SQL server

 Windows Server R2 Enterprise
 BES 5.0.3 MR8
SQL Server
 SQL Server 2005

Email Server
Exchange 2010
The  problem occurs if the preferred encoding for outgoing messages is UTF-8 on sender's Outlook and if there are Turkish characters (ü,g,s,ö,ç,i,I) on the  subject or body of e-mail and when we reply or forward this e-mail  via Blackberry, the turkish characters are not being displayed correctly on recipient's email client.
If the preferred encoding for outgoing messages is Turkish(ISO) on Outlook, we don’t have a problem with turkish characters on email which replied or forwarded via Blackberry.
We did the registry the settings on the link below but it didn’t solve our problem.
 KB25034-How to enable UTF-8 encoding for all messages sent from a BlackBerry smartphone

Do you have any solution for this problem?
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Do both sender and reciever email providers account / devices support Turkish characters.
diablo_106Author Commented:
i found my solution myself, this site hasnt helped me
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