Adding in 2nd cluster node - Windows 2008 R2

I currently have a 1 node cluster already built.  I just re-installed the OS/patched it fully except SP1 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  Mind you, node 1 does not have any Windows updates performed at all.  I will do that before adding node 2 into the mix.

My main concern is, I pre-installed all the roles/features before adding to the pre-existing cluster.  Will this be an issue?  Should I be installing roles/features after adding node 2 into the cluster or doing before is okay?

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Depending on which roles you are talking about.
Cluster roles should be added once the cluster is joined.
tazer92Author Commented:
this role installed was IIS but i noticed nothing that would pertain to a cluster. we would not cluster any IIS resources.  this cluster is for sql 2008.  so i should be good.  i was more worried about the features installed.
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