Show the related description for a id parameter

I have a parameter on my report where the user selects more than one item for a particular parameter. Currently the user selects a fields that is an
id.  Multiple selected items are displayed in the report header this way:

="Branch Selected :" & Join(Parameters!ItemCode.Label,", ")

Would it be possible to also display the description field that is related to the id(itemcode)?.....

So for example, it would display: 1 Apple, 2 Orange, 3 Pear.  Right now it is only displaying 1, 2, 3.

The backend datasource is a SSAS Cube.
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use:  Parameters!ItemCode.Value
Check the dataset that populates the parameter. Since the parameter is populated based on the data at the backend, you must be getting it through some query. If not, and you have defined the values while designing the report itself, just check what is the value in the label, value field. This two field are different. Label says what you want to show and Value shows the exact value that will be used. So, if "label" of the parameter represents 1,2,3,etc, check if value represents Apple,Pear,etc or not. If yes, and you are not populating 1,2,3 as value too, then just use
"Branch Selected :" & Join(Parameters!ItemCode.Value.Tostring() + Parameters!ItemCode.Label,", ")
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