How to setup a Cisco 2901 router to route between two internal networks

The router has two ethernet ports, and I have configured an ip address from each of my networks on one of the ports.  i.e.  Ethernet port 0/0 -, and Ethernet port 0/1 -

I would like to setup routing from the one network to the other other, i.e. route from to  Can you give me some pointers?  Thanks.
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lruiz52Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In your example you cant use and because in a class c subnet those would be the network address, you can however use for Ethernet port 0/0 and for Ethernet port 0/1. use as the Subnet Mask for both.

so it would look like
config terminal
         interface ethernet 0/0
                  ip address
         interface ethernet 0/1
                  ip address

you should be able to route between both networks connected to the router just be sure you enable ip routing.

configure terminal
       ip routing

on your router, list your current routing table with command
show ip route

you should see both and with a C infront of it.

no on nodes on the network make sure you assign default gateway and on nodes on the network assign default gateway
Where the router interfaces are connected? If it is a switch (I assume so), you would need to plug them to appropriate vlans
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