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Access - Loop not creating expected number of new recs in a CurrentDb.Execute INSERT INTO

Posted on 2012-09-11
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-09-11
Hello All,
I am having trouble with a CurrentDb.Execute INSERT INTO that isn't creating the correct number of new records.
This is a tabbed form with multiple tabs each having a subform.

On the first tab I have an Unbound textbox to count the number of records in a query.  That textbox is named [txtCntActiveCurrencyDenominations]
The Control Source for that box is =DCount("[qry_Denomination_Currency_Active]![DenominationID]","[qry_Denomination_Currency_Active]","[qry_Denomination_Currency_Active]![DenominationID]")

The SQL of that query which is counts is
SELECT Denomination.DenominationID, Denomination.Denomination, Denomination.DenominationMultiple, Denomination.DenominationTypeID, Denomination.Active, DCount("DenominationID","qry_Denomination_Currency_Active","DenominationID <= " & [DenominationID]) AS CurrencyActiveDenominationSeq
FROM Denomination
WHERE (((Denomination.DenominationTypeID)=2) AND ((Denomination.Active)=-1));

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Now then what I am expecting to happen in this case is that it will insert new records with a DenomintionID of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
However, it is Inserting 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6  (NOT 7)

The code that Executes all of this is
Private Sub GenerateLVLMachineLines2(IsMachinePull As Boolean)
Dim bytCounter As Byte, lngMyRptgSeqID As Long, lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID As Long, i As Integer, z As Integer
Dim strSQL As String

lngMyRptgSeqID = GetMyShiftSeqID()
lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID = GetMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID()

    i = 1   ' This counter is for Inserting Active Currency Seq to Machine Pull tbl
    z = DMax("ShiftRptgMachPullCountCtlID", "ShiftReportingMachinePullCountCtl", "ShiftRptgMachPullCountCtlID")

    Do Until bytCounter = Me.txtNbrMachines
            CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO ShiftReportingLVL (ShiftRptgLVLCtlID, LVLPositionNbr, RptgSeqID, MachinePulled) VALUES (" & lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID & "," & bytCounter + 1 & "," & lngMyRptgSeqID & "," & True & ")", dbFailOnError
            bytCounter = bytCounter + 1
    Do Until i = Forms![frm_DataReporting]![LVLReportingTypeSelect]![txtCntActiveCurrencyDenominations]
        strSQL = "INSERT INTO ShiftReportingMachinePullDetails (ShiftRptgMachPullCountCtlID, DenominationID) SELECT " & z & ", DenominationID FROM [qry_Denomination_Currency_Active] WHERE [CurrencyActiveDenominationSeq]= " & i
        CurrentDb.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError
        i = i + 1
End Sub

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Question by:wlwebb
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Author Comment

ID: 38389526
Just as an FYI, when I look at the form that unbound text box Dcount result is 6.
LVL 29

Accepted Solution

IrogSinta earned 2000 total points
ID: 38389533
Do Until i =
Do While i<=
LVL 29

Expert Comment

ID: 38389538
In addition, change these for clarity:
line 6
z = DMax("ShiftRptgMachPullCountCtlID", "ShiftReportingMachinePullCountCtl")
textbox controlsource
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Author Comment

ID: 38389542
Irog......I think you meant line 9 but,
Didn't understand that last comment.......
Do I add textbox controlsource as a new line of code???? or am I replacing line 9
LVL 29

Expert Comment

ID: 38389548
You're right, I meant replace line 9.  The 2nd code I gave you was a shortened version of what you have in your textbox named txtCntActiveCurrencyDenominations.

Author Comment

ID: 38389571
Ok... I understand........Thanks

Author Closing Comment

ID: 38389572
Thank you as always!!!  And thank you for the additional comment!

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