concatenate javascript jquery strings

var index = $(".root").index(this);

var top = 20 * (index + 1);
$("#resultsSchoolListDiv").find(".dropdownSchoolList").eq(index).css("top" + "," + "\"" + top + "px\"");
//$("#resultsSchoolListDiv").find(".dropdownSchoolList").eq(index).css("top",  "60px");

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I need to set the css top property dynamically - I'm trying to achieve what is in the last line dynamically. How do I concatenate the string
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Albert Van HalenAnalyst developerCommented:
Just use this
$("#resultsSchoolListDiv").find(".dropdownSchoolList").eq(index).css('top', top);

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sanagarwlAuthor Commented:
Never mind - solved it using following syntax

 $("#resultsSchoolListDiv").find(".dropdownSchoolList").eq(index).css('top', function (value) {
                return top ;
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